Just Parts 5

I stared at Max with a gentle smile and simply said “Well, glad you could tell me. Frankly Max whatever is in your pants, is just parts. You are hot just the way you are!”

We went inside to enjoy a drink with Steph who had just stepped in and announced she would make a drink. A conversation in the kitchen around the island in the kitchen helped to shine light 0n Max’s situation. I came to an understanding with the shame of being intersexed, since it is usually seen as weird or unusual. I reassured nir that it didn’t bother me and in fact I think its kind of hot! The conversation lead to more understanding of each other and that gender is really only garb deep. Our sex parts are Just Parts really.

Max had very little experience with receiving pleasure because pleasuring someone else is a great way to avoid talking about what’s in Max’s pants. Binary thinking can leave a lot of people out, including myself. There is nothing wrong with any of us gender variant people and we don’t need surgery or hormones to fix us. We are amazing beings just the way we are. Once we had an understanding on this subject it was easy for me and Steph to put Max in the spotlight. Steph made the suggestion as we all stepped into their living room.

As I sat and watched Max slowly drop nir drawers I was impressed with nir comfort with nis parts. Max reached down and began to rub nir enlarged clitoris that resembled a small penis. Steph and I sat on either side of Max kissing nir and allowing our hands to wander. In no time everyone was excited again. It was easy for me to find the desire to gift Max with great oral pleasure.

I moved down to his pants and this time he was easy going about me removing them, with way more ease. At first glance it looked as though Max had a vagina but with just a little investigation you could see a very large clitoris dangling from between nir flattened lips. There was well groomed and trimmed hair, but as I spread nir lips I was welcomed by a very large clitoris that seemed to be throbbing in front of my eyes. As I began to suck on nir penis I could feel it get harder and harder in my mouth. As the member began to pulsate in and out of my mouth with a tender rythym I could feel Max getting excited. As Max’s face turned red and nir excitement increased the member got harder and harder. I was curious if Max could ejaculate, we hadn’t discussed it. I wanted to increase the pleasure and began to finger Max. My finger sliding in nir vagina. The excitement increased and Max reached down to hold my head. Holding my head Max pushed nir member into my mouth and I found myself reaching arousal. I was excited that Max was excited….and frankly feeling that pulsating member in my mouth was one of the most orally exciting things I had ever done. I felt Max nearing climax and ne warned me, “Ohhhhh I am going to cummm!” I wondered if anything would squirt out… Just as I prepared myself the ejaculate sprayed out into Steph’s face as she leaned in to catch it. Steph knew that Max would blow nir load out nir vagina and I was excited by the entire scene. The pleasure that Max had experience filled me with excitement.

I laid back on the couch next to them to stretch out and enjoy the moment we were in. The three of us piled on each other in a cuddle pile and breathed together. After several minutes Max finally lifted nir head from my belly and looked up at me. Let me pleasure you my friend. Max moved down to orally pleasure me. I could feel nir warm tongue on my clitoris, warming it with nir breathe. Max began to slowly tease the entire inside my swollen and excited lips. My clitoris was also enlarged although not as large as Max’s. I began to grind my clitoris into nir mouth and I held Max’s head to guide nir movements. I was excited by the warmth and wet feeling that it took me very little time to climb in my climax. Soon I was moaning and grinding into nir and I just couldn’t let the moment pass. I needed to ask for just one thing.

I pulled Max’s face out from between my legs, looked down, and asked “Please grind into with that hard and sexy member, I must feel it on my clit.” Max smiled and showed delight in nir facial expressions. I looked down at steph masturbating in front of us. Max looked over nir shoulder and said, “Ok I am laying down, Steph you sit on my face with a dildo inside, and YOU (looking at me) can get on top to grind.” We excitedly all took positions. I watched as Steph climbed on Max’s face. I could see she was excited and dripping wet. Max’s tongue was exciting her and her climax was increasing with each moment. I reached down and began to stroke Max’s member. It hardened with each touch and as I gently place the penis, about the size of a middle finger” in between my wet lips I could feel it caressing just outside my hole. I was dripping wet, barely able to manage rubbing on each other. Steph began to orgams on Max’s face as the groans got louder from between her legs. Steph fell off in exasperation from her orgasms. I looked directly into Max’s eyes and both of us reached for each other.

Kissing deeply I could feel nir member sliding back and forth between my lips and my excitement mounted with Max’s. We both began to moan so deeply. We both knew that the first orgasm is rarely as deep as the 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Since we both had come already we knew it was going deeper than the first. Riding steadily into each other, our hearts pounding at each other, and our breathe together in unison. Our tongues darted in each others mouths as our excitement mounted in the grinding of our “parts”. I knew we were going to cum again and this time deeper than before. Steph smiled in her blissfullness beside us. We stared at each other, pressing in deep and hard to each other I felt the member slip inside me just a little bit. Just enough that both of us climax intensely with each other. Two Androgyne/Intersex people cumming together. Squirting at each other. The juices overtook both of us as we climaxed together. Holding each other close, heart to heart. We were both soaked.


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