Just Parts 4

Izzy Ahee

As we pulled into the driveway the garage door opened up. We pulled into the garage and just as Max was shutting off the car the garage door closed. The sexual tension in the car was intense. We could all silently sense each other’s excitement and I felt this push from Steph towards Max. Max and I stared at each other in the mirror until finally Max reached and began to open the door. Steph slid out the opposite side and I stepped out on the side of the driver. As we closed the doors we stared at each other with intensity and passion that I rarely felt. A raw animalistic feeling had risen as we stared at each other, like we were wild coyotes. I stepped towards him and he stepped back to put his back against the car. I laid my hands on his shoulders intensely keeping eye contact with Max the entire time. I held Max against the car with one arm and as we stared intensely at each other. I struggled with my passionate instinct vs. proper social behavior. As I stared into Max’s eyes and realized that he was struggling with much of the same struggle. I grabbed his jacket collar and pulled him in for a passionate primal kiss.

Our kiss developed very fast into who could get the others clothes off faster. As we ripped each others clothes off both of us felt internal excitement at what might be between our legs. Both of us standing as a third gendered person, what was between our legs was a mystery to both of us. We explored what skin was exposed and I turned Max around after I dropped nir pants to the floor. Regardless of what genitalia might exist I knew there had to be a way to fuck Max. I was so excited that my clitoris was so swollen I could feel it against the strap-on I wore. As I slid the hard dick into place from my jacket pocket, one of my hands lay still on Max’s back. I could feel nim breathe raising and lowering the center of nim back – a sort of fear had set in. I was excited by both my eagerness and nim fear, I wanted to be the one to reassure nim. As I lubed up my hard strap-on I leaned in.

“Shhhhhh! Its okay I will go gentle.” in a voice that resembles a Daddy.

He sighs a high pitch relief. I begin to search for a hole.

As I realize there is a vagina I begin to slowly slide my hard dick all around the hole. Spreading the lubrication all over. Max pushed back with eagerness as if ne was inviting me. I slid it in, steady and deep.

Max’s high pitch moan sounded scared, then pleasured and then surprised. As I began to slowly go in and out I could feel Max’s excitement raise and fear diminish. I began to fuck harder and harder against the car and as I looked up Steph was staring at both of us with a big smirk. She smiled at me. I noticed her hand down below was rubbing in a way that showed she was masturbating on the other side of the car. We both watched her with delight and pleasure.

As she watched and began to find herself aroused both Max and I increased our pace. Max pushed into me almost slamming into me, putting pressure on my clit that was leading to intense sexual pleasure. I slammed back into Max and both of us climbed a hill of excitement together. Our animalistic nature came from deep inside us and our passion rang out in our moans. Watching Steph in front of us masturbate was a great visual for both of us. At this point she had taken it to climb on the small step ladder, lean back on the wall and spread her legs, with her pants around her ankles. She watched us masturbating as if we were all showing off for each other.

Max reached back and pulled me closer and deeper. I slammed harder into Max and felt nir excitement put pressure on my strap on. As we both neared a very quick instinctual climax we both screamed so loud that Steph felt the need to join us. Our climax was masculine, fast, and primal. As I pulled out with a gasping breathe and pounding heart I felt Max pull away. Before I could even get my stability Max had bent over to pull up nim pants. As if shy that I had fucked nim that way and that hard. Max quickly buttoned nim pants before ne turned around. As I reached nir eyes I could see something had occurred that bothered Max.

“I hope I didn’t offend you by fucking you like that.” I said sincerely.

Max smiled “No fucking way dude! That was hottt! I just got a secret that’s not an easy subject to discuss. Ummmm, well……Basically, I am intersexed.” Bluntly said, left in the air like a weighted balloon.

I smiled at Max.


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