Just Parts 3

Izzy Ahee

As we left the club the three of us stuck together, working our way through hoards of people. When we finally were able to find out way out of the club Max lead us to their car, just a block down the street. As we walked I could see that Steph was hot to get to the car. She took the keys from Max and ran ahead to the car. She arranged some things and left the driver’s side door wide open as well as the back seat. As we approached the car I slid into the back seat and Steph whispered something in Max’s ear. Max smiled and got into the front seat. Steph slid into the car next to me and smiled. I could tell she had something planned.

Max started the car, adjusted the mirror so they could see us and simply began to drive. My attention was moved to Steph next to me who was now leaning deep into my arms. I put my arms around her and nuzzled my nose close to her hair. I could smell her through her hair. I could feel my excitement from the smell of her pheromones. I allowed my arm to wander down her back and she put her hand on my leg, allowing for it to get closer and closer to my crotch. We could feel the heat building and I needed to do something about it. The feelings of desire overcame me and I wanted a kiss. I reached down, grabbed her chin to lift her face towards mine. Her eyes met mine and I could feel the connection.

We stopped for just a moment and we began to kiss. I could feel Max staring at us from up front and their moans of pleasure filled the car with more heat. Her warm lips touched mine and I slipped my tongue inside to dance with hers. As we danced the warmth and excitement in her mouth filled me with more desire. Her hand had moved to my crotch and her excitement was building. I wanted her,  I wanted her now. Her gorgeous body was in my arms and waiting for more of my touch! What was I waiting for?

I looked up at the rearview and met Max’s eyes, we smiled at each other. The look of approval and excitement had been communicated. Steph laid back on the back seat with her legs spread. Her eyes met mine and she invited me closer. I pulled off my jacket because the heat was unbearable. She smiled and unbuttoned her pants. She simply unbuttoned them. I took that as an invitation and began to slide my hand just inside. She was excited by my touch. I slid her pants down, we slid it off one leg and I couldn’t resist the obvious.

Her parts laid in front of me with great excitement. I could see very little but I could see that she was eager. Her dark hair covered the most intimate parts and I was excited to see what I could find. Her hands slid down to cup herself and I could see she was super excited. I stared at her as my hands wandered up her thighs. I licked my lips in the same way she licked hers earlier. Her eyes rolled back and she spread further apart. Her hand wandered from cupping her gorgeous pussy to sliding up her body to her breasts under her shirt. Then she put her finger on her lips and looked down at me. I was overtaken with the desire to taste her.

I began to kiss her thighs and all around her pussy. I wasn’t going to just dive in although the way she rocked her hips told me she wanted more. I slid my finger down the slit in between the soft lips of her pussy. I rubbed around just outside her vagina. Slowly, softly and all the while watching her reactions. Her juices were flowing from her like a river. Her juices were flowing onto my finger just at the edge of her vagina. She was grinding her hips in a way that told me she wanted me to slide it in. I had to give her all she wanted. I slid my finger inside her warm wet vagina. I could smell her delicious juices and was excited to put my tongue down there. Just before I moved down I could see that she had positioned herself so that Max could see her face. I had forgotten for just a moment that Max was still driving. The car was silent with excitement and the heat was almost unbearable.

I dove into her pussy with passion for the art of orally pleasing a goddess like herself. Her pussy was wet with her pheromones and eager for pleasure. As I began to gently lick her clit I could feel that it was getting harder. Her clit swelled with excitement the more I suckled on it. She began to moan and laid her hand on my head. I could feel the pressure and guidance of her hand. I was hungry to please her and overtaken by her directness. I was so excited to please her I had to restrain myself from going to fast or hard. I could feel that her pussy could barely grab my finger so I began to slide in another finger. Her vagina grabbed it and I could feel it pulsating against my fingers. The pressure on my fingers from her pussy ebbed and flowed with my in and out movements. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I continued to lick her clit getting faster and harder as she guided me. All the while I can feel her excitement getting higher and higher. Her moans begin to fill the car and I can hear Max moaning with excitement. I find an eb in the flow of her excitement and begin to suck hard on her clit. Allowing for a bit of my teeth to meet her now rock hard clit. In my mouth, while suckling it almost feels like a little penis. Her clit is very large and she is very excited. The sucking does something for her and she screams with excitement. Her breath is so labored she can barely moan. I know she is going to cum her vagina hasn’t let go of my fingers for several moments. She is grinding her clit against my teeth. Her hand has pushed more pressure on my head. She begins to orgasm. Her screams take over the car, leaving us all to feel our own excitement. She holds my head so hard to her pussy that I can barely breathe.  I can feel her wetness fill my hand and her vagina squeezes my fingers. She thrusts her hips towards my face while she holds my head. Allowing every jolt in her body to push her clit harder on my teeth and tongue.

As her body relaxed after something so deeply beautiful I slowly pulled my mouth away from her pussy. Her clit was throbbing inside her pussy and her orgasm had clearly brought her to a sense of release. She laid back and smiled at me. I slide my fingers out of her and began to sit up….noticing that now Max was as turned on as I was. We both smiled at each other. He pulled into a driveway just as Steph and I began to sit forward to see where we had ended up.


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