Bumble Bee – Part 7

Erotica - The Bumble Bee

After several silent breath taking moments of holding the bumble bee close to my chest, I gently roll her off my chest and climb ontop. I can feel her satisfaction with herself in my arms and her curiosity of how I might reward her. I stare directly into her eyes and tell her “Your such a good girl and I want to reward you!” Her face lights up and I wonder who is being rewarded here. Her innocence smile only enhanced her curious eyes. As I stared in intensity with a smile at her the embarrassment overcame her and her cheeks got bright red. Her giggle and attempt to hide her red cheeks pushed a feeling of delight through me that drove me to taste her nipples. Each one in my mouth, sucking a bit harder, a bit deeper with the occasional nibble. My hands wander all over her body as I play with her nipples with my teeth and tongue. I can feel the warmth between her legs and one quick sweep around her metal panties┬átells me she is dripping with anticipation. The warmth emanates from behind the metal panties. But I want to be sure she is ready.

I lean in and kiss her deeply allowing my tongue to force hers into her mouth. She moans as I kiss her deeper each time being sure to dominate the pressure in our mouths. I thrust my tongue into her mouth like I would penetrate her pussy and let my fingers wander down between her legs where I pressed into her a little. Pushing the metal panties against her, feeling her press against me.

I look into her eyes, “So how can I reward you if you have these metal panties on?”

“Daddy has a little door here, that is only for stand in Daddy’s like you. If you go have a shot of whiskey you will have the key to unlock that little door. ”

I look at her panties and realize there is a little small key hole like in a padlock but its into the panties. There seems to be a door just enough to get to all the naughty parts.

I get up and reach for the bottle of whiskey, take off the lid, look for a shot glass. I find a clean shot glass and pour the shot. As I set down the bottle I notice the key taped to the wooden counter. One single piece of tape was laid across a tiny key that kind of blended into the counter top. It would be easy to miss.

I drink the shot of whiskey. Rip the key off the counter top.

I hold the key up to her eyes! You ready for this ride? You ready to do this little girl? She eagerly looks at me with an innocence but excited look.

“Ohhhh will you please Daddy? Please?”

I reach down between her legs and unlock the panties. The door slides right off once it was unlocked. The key stays in the lock and I place the entire door off to the side.

Through the opening in the panties I can see her pussy is dripping in juices and notice that the door of the panties is almost dripping wet. Her lips are swollen and her clit peaks out from her short curly hair.

I stare into her eyes and ask with a demanding tone, “Are you sure your ready for your reward? If I dig my fingers inside you are you wet and ready?”

Her eyes look worried and then she smiles, turns red and begins to giggle again. I stare into her eyes.

“A giggle doesn’t answer my question, you better be sure I know your ready!”

She reaches up to kiss me and thrusts her hips into my fingers. My finger slides inside of her as a result and I can feel her warmth eager pussy pulsating around my finger. I penetrate her a few times while I use my tongue to follow the rythm. She moans and melts beneath me I can feel her intensity below me. My heat rises and I can feel my own arousal becoming more and more to the surface.

“You like that little girl? You want me to fill in for your Daddy?”

She eagerly pulls herself up into me again to show how eager she really is.

My evil laugh escapes through my laughing and I am delighted in her eagerness. The arousal has lead me to a little teasing between her legs, just enough to be sure of her eagerness. She reaches for me each time I pull back and I reach down to bite her nipple. Her back arches with anticipation for an orgasm her desire is peaking and I can see my teasing is pushing her to an edge she rarely gets to experience.

She stares at me and sweetly says “Ohhhh Daddy please can I cum for you?”

“Ohhhh you did it now little girl!” When a submissive begs just enough to assure me she is ready to cum, my excitement peaks. I push my fingers inside her and slowly kiss down from her forehead down to her clit, stopping at her lips, heart, belly button, pelvic bone. Once I get to her clit she is raging with anticipation and I push two fingers deep inside her. Her eager pussy reaches for me to pull me inside, to massage my fingers is what her pussy really wants. Her innocence keeps her from knowing just what she needs from me. My fingers begin a steady cum hither motion as if I am reaching inside her soul to pull down from her highest vibrations an orgasm with the divine.

As I fiddle her clit with my tongue I can see her mounting so close, so close. I begin a sucking motion on her clit that sends her eyes back in her head. Her innocence has only lead her to not understand the divine experience she is having in that moment. I nibble her clit just a little….a little more sucking and another good nibble. I watch her eyes rolls back in her head and she screams. Her scream sends chills down my back that light up my own arousal.

Her orgasm overtakes her entire body…. I take her there and let her fully experience the orgasm. I gift her this orgasm for being such a good submissive and showing me just how good she is.

I climb up between her legs and wipe all her juices all over her pussy. Push her up a little to bring her ass off the bed. I wrap myself around her so my pussy is pressed against hers. I can feel her wet warm pussy against mine. I can feel the warm metal pressed against my thighs.

I use my pressure to really bare down on her and I am about to cum. She wimpers a little because I am a bit rough. I glance between our legs and see that the metal panties are digging into her legs and pelvic area. I must get off and am so aroused at her desire to please me and endure the pain I am inflicting. My arousal begins to peak. I look down into her eyes.

“Hold on baby girl, Daddy needs to cum just once more.”

I grind just a little harder as I reach my climax. The metal panties dig deep and she wimpers in pain as I climax. My orgasm overtakes my body as she wimpers and allows me to use her wet juicy pussy to cum on. I scream and the entire room is filled with an orgasm that dominates the space.

I look down at her innocent smile and begin to laugh. She smiles with relief that I have relieved myself and so has she. I hold her close to my chest with her head resting on my belly. I can feel her breath slow down to a resting pace and my follows her.

The softening of my mood sets in and I feel like myself again. A good sub always leaves me feeling this way!


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