Bumble Bee – Part 6

Erotica - The Bumble Bee

I look down at her eager eyes. Her face clearly tells me she is hanging on each word, awaiting my command.

“I want you to slide 2 fingers inside me, now!”

She is full of confidence in her ability to fullfill my request and quickly slides her fingers inside my eager hole. As I feel my muscles squeeze her fingers I can feel myself wanting more….thicker not deeper. My head leans forward and my eye narrow on her eager eyes awaiting my approval. I reach down and grab her ears and demand

“Another finger my little bee”

She reaches inside me with 3 fingers, eagerly hoping to make me squirt all over her willing fingers. As I squeeze I feel my juices begin to flow as if someone had peaked the edge of the hoover dam, just enough to get me on the current to arousal. As I flowed with arousal I could feel her fingers eagerly manifesting my orgasm. Creating an overall sensation of eagerness, of more, of enough to fill me and more.

My eyes pierce downwards to her eyes that know to look up from my eager clitoros. As our eyes meet we sense not only our connection but my need to cum in her face. I demand, “Put your whole fucking hand in there little girl. Push it in and fill me up with your precious hand. Let it expand who I am!”

She looks at me with innocent eyes and a tiny bit of fear. She is afraid to mess it up, she is not an experienced fister. I look down at her gently…

“It’s okay my dear I am about to cum. So a little extra pressure is going to make me cum. Simply make a fist and push your knuckles against my hole and slide this lubrication around.” I pour warm olive oil onto her knuckles.

She begins to push her knuckles and I can feel my hole just sting enough to press the pleasure over the top! My head begins to vibrate and I can feel an extreme pleasure tingle up my back. Her fingers move just a tiny bit and I feel myself bear down as if a reaction to her movements. I feel the dam completely release….

My entire body flows and so do my juices. I can feel my juices squirt down my legs and splash off her face. My behind and lower back feels like I am sitting in a puddle and laughter over takes my body….

The orgasm of a dominant takes up the whole room. Like nothing else exists in the world but my orgasm. The gift of MY orgasm gives the submissive absolute pleasure and to receive payment for it is simply a tip, as if she did an exceptional job considering her position and perspective.

I pull her pig tails and hold her close into my chest. I kiss her forehead as I catch my breath I state “Service like that deserves a reward…”


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