Bumble Bee – Part 5

Erotica - The Bumble Bee

Without thinking she turns around and lifts up her skirt. Bearing her ass for my burning hands. I sit up and pull down on her a little bit in order to bring her ass in good spanking distance. I spank once on each side with some pressure. I take a deep breath, sigh…

I stand up – in a demanding tone – “On your knees you naughty girl”

As I begin to spank and spank a little harder around certain ideas and words. Increasing the spanking but all the while keeping a steady beat. Keeping a steady tempo along with my voice.

“You naughty girl teasing me like that, without any hint that I might not be able to have you the way I want. Your such a naughty girl that your pussy has to be to locked up. ” Allowing those words to sink in as I really let loose with my hands on her cheeks. I could feel the arousal in my center bubbling up from deep within and juices beginning to drip out of me as she wined. Her wines got higher when the spanking was harder.

I reach way back and really dig into the spanking. My hand rips across her soft skin. The impact moves her entire body even though she is braced on the couch. She lets out a big wine and whimper to go along with it and my libido bubbles up inside.

I reach inside the belt from behind and realize I can reach her pussy way better. Although not completely I can reach it enough. As i begin to explore around the panties with my fingers her wetness spreads and moving in and out around her body and the panties becomes easier and smoother. She begins to moan at my flirtations and I manage to squeeze my finger in, deeper….. Great how I can reach her hole from back here but not her clit. As I stare at her hole I realize that with a strap on I can squeeze my way in….just to see what might happen.

“On your knees baby girl”

“Yes Sir. Thank you for my spanking I know I need it. I know you do it from a place of love!”

“Good girl! I am impressed you know how badly you need a spanking. I know you need my love.”

Looking down at her beautiful behind I unbutton my pants and pull out my dick, my strap on. I love my dick, it never goes soft! I stroke it a bit and spread lubrication all over it. I begin to squeeze the strap on into the edge of the panties towards her pussy and I can feel her moving away. She is not sure how I have done it but is unsure if she should be letting me. She whimpers a little when I shove it in all the way, pushing her asshole out of the way. I begin to pump it in and out with a vibrator pressed against my clit I can feel my arousal build. Within moments I begin to feel my entire body react to the pleasure. I was going to just cum regardless of what the girl does.

She moans and I can tell she hasn’t had it in a while. She pushes back on me and wiggles around in circles. As if she is trying to stimulate her clit while I squeeze my dick in her hole. She is so turned on I can hear my dick making her pussy squish around the juices splash on her ass cheeks and my hands. My hands grip her hips and pull her back towards me. I can feel myself fill up with pleasure and I begin to cum so fast because she had me so wound up. I feel it coming through me like a rocket. As I wind down I know I am not done.

“I am not done, don’t you worry little slut. You are mine tonight.”

I push her down and pull out of her. I lay back on the comfy bed she made me and look up at her.

“Here little girl come suck on me like a big lollipop. Look at all this delicious juice dripping off me. Come here and suck on it for me.”

As she turns around to align up to suck my dick I reach up and grab her pig tails. I begin to guide her face over my dick. As I lay on my back I hold both sides of her pig tails as she wraps her lips around my dick. I hold her pig tails and guide her up and down. As I get more and more aroused at her show for me I push her down further and further.

“That’s it you dirty girl suck my dick, deep and hard. You know what you need to do for me. Do it now. Yes Deeper” pushing her head further down on my dick

I am ready. I push her face off of me and I begin to take my dick off. I can feel the squishy in between my legs and smell her as she sat on her knees. As I wrap my legs around her after removing the strap on my pussy spreads out in front of her.

I reach forward to grab her pig tails and I push her mouth into my pussy. She begins to use her tongue and moan. I grind my pussy into her mouth and I make another demand…


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