Just Parts! Part 2

Izzy Ahee

I could feel my excitement as they approached from the opposite side of the alley way. I put my cigarette out on my shoe and shoved the but in my pocket. At this point I likely appeared a bit nervous. The butch stopped just in front of me but the goddess approached me closer, she tucked herself in close to me. She leans against the wall and stares into my eyes with intention and passion. I don’t know who to stare at, my eyes dart back and forth between the two very attractive people in front of me. The butch’s jeans are super tight and I swear they has something packing below but to stare would be rude. The goddess smells like a beach in the summertime…sweet and salty!

The butch catches my eyes and motions for me to look at the goddess that is almost nuzzled up to my shoulder. She smiles at me as my eyes meet hers and she begins to lick her lips. Her soft tongue darts out of her mouth and follows her lips first the bottom than the top. Her eyes never leaving mine. I worry about the jealousy that might arouse with her butch partner and dart quickly to her face. The butch’s hand has moved down to their crotch and their smile has taken over their entire face. I smile back and dart back to the goddess beside me who is a little offended I looked away. I smile back as big as I can and compliment her flowing hair. She licks her lips again and this time I stay focused.

She looks me in the eyes, “So I can’t keep my eyes off you and I am excited to find out your name.”

I stare back into her eyes, trying to ignore the butterflies dancing in my belly. “I am Izzy Ahee. What’s your name?”

She smiles large and repeats my name with a laugh! She pauses and says “Well my lover and I were sharing that we are both really attracted to you. I know that as our eyes met something happened and I want to explore it.”

Smiling back I said, “Well your eyes certainly captured my attention. Adding your lover here to the mix just makes it even more interesting.”

We both looked at the butch staring at us both obviously aroused that the Goddess was flirting with me. I looked into the tough eyes staring at me with a loving smile and said “Well I bet the three of us would easily find a good time. What’s your name?” I reached for the butch’s hand.

Using the hand that was on their crotch the butch reached out to shake my hand and said “I am Max and this is my girl Steph. We rarely find ourselves attracted to the same person and typically I am attracted to femmes. There is something though about her infatuation with you that I am attracted to. I am experiencing deep compersion and am excited to see if you can feel the same way. Are you poly?”

This conversation is easy for me since I have had an entire adult lifetime to practice polyamorous lifestyles. I was excited to be approached by a couple and aroused at the idea of deep poly sexual experience with compersion. My biggest challenge was to allow it to unfold and not run them off to the car for a make-out. Our conversation continued to unfold deeper into our experiences and values in polyamory. We soon learned that our draw to each other was for good reason.

The goddess flirted me throughout the entire conversation and at one point even grabbed the packer between my legs and smiled real big. I hoped they understood I was not male. The goddess moved in close to me and I couldn’t resist a little kiss. Her lips on mine were like hot burners on a cold night. I just wanted to hold her, kiss her, dipping my tongue inside her mouth. Penetrating her mouth with my tongue, feeling her tongue dance with mine. My excitement roused from deep within and I found myself over heated enough to sweat.

Max steps forward and leans over top of us. Puts his arms around the back of me and her as we face each other kissing. I can feel their breath on my cheeks and they say in my ear. “Let’s take her home! She needs us both!” My arousal spikes and I reach down between Max’s legs for the packer and can tell its already a hard one. Max smiles and says “Plus I want YOU!”


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