Bumble Bee – Part 4

Erotica - The Bumble Bee

She looked me directly into the eyes from on her knees and spoke with authenticity.

“Sir?” I shook my head and said “For now you can use Sir”

“Well Sir, my Daddy put it on me. He locked up my pussy because I play with it too much. I let other people finger my pussy because I love the pleasure so much. Daddy says I am a slut and he must approve of anyone that wants to play with my pussy. He says I am a naughty girl and this was the only way he could control me. I am slutty and loose, my Lord.”

I stared at her eyes and knew this was her truth. She was already in a BDSM relationship and isn’t as innocent as she appears. I wondered what else I didn’t know about her.

Words darted out of my mouth like bullets from the chamber of a machine gun. I stared intensely and asked question after question, she answered quickly with a tone of reactive fear in her voice.

“Is your Daddy here now?” “No Sir.”
“Do you know where the key is?” “No Sir.”
“Has he ever shared you before with another dominant?” “Yes Sir”

I sighed out of frustration. I stared at her with a stern look. I leaned in and used a tone that expressed frustration and shame on her.

“You teased the fuck out of me in the club and here on your couch, but you have a fucking lock on your cunt. You KNEW you did and you KNOW your owned. Now I just gotta wait till YOUR DADDY comes home before I MIGHT be able to get off. A tease worthy of a good spanking at the very least!”

She smiled and gently but nervously answered me. Looking down but speaking so I could hear her. Her little pig tails drooped off her head a little in front of her face. As she spoke they moved a little.

“I apologize for not explaining earlier my Lord. If I find myself unable to control myself, like I did with you Sir, then I must only please you, I receive nothing. I also know that my Daddy would approve of you Sir, because you are so demanding and strong. Also, Sir, maybe you can help him, it seems you are able to stay very hard for a long time and you are well endowed. I am wet just thinking of exploring how I can please you Sir.”

I grabbed her hair and pushed it behind her ear. I lifted her chin so her eyes would meet mine. She looked nervous, anxious, and excited all at once. Her eyes glared into mine as if she was asking for approval, for my good words of forgiveness. Her lips were slightly pursed and separated as if something else laid on her tongue, as if she was about to say something but when I touched her she froze. Her body froze the moment my eyes met hers. We stared at each other in silence, till finally I spoke.

My voice carried through the silence like knives through paper. My words sliced through the air and captured her entire being. Pulling on her desire to serve me I commanded her.

“I want you to make me a nice comfy bed on the floor, set the room up with music and candles. Once I am all taken care of I want you to dance over top of me. Slowly strip for me and follow my commands. ”

She smiled up at me like I had just let this little girl off the hook. I smiled back knowing I had plans. I had plans to discipline this very “good” girl. She was naive enough to believe I had decided to let go of her lack of disclosure in our early meetings. She thinks she got a way with it.

My mind began to see so many possibilities leaving me feeling my fire climb from deep within my root chakra up through my entire center. The warmth in between my legs pulsated inside my center like there was a slow churning vibrator somewhere inside me. The warmth and pulsation created a sense of dampness as I watched her scatter around her living room to set us a bed on the floor. She gathered pillows, candles and incense. I sat on the couch watching her work leaned way back with my legs crossed. Each time she bent over her steel panties show through and I was happy to see they wrapped around her ass like a harness. Her ass cheeks were visible. Her pigtails swing along with her as she scatters around the room preparing the space. Finally, she smiled as if pleased with herself and knelt before me.

She happily bounced up and down on her knees and in the cutest voice said, “My Lord, your comfy bed awaits you.”

My eyes glare at her as if I wasn’t satisfied.

“Good Job you naughty girl. But I want more.”

I begin to command one command after another. Keeping her moving so fast she begins to get a little dizzy trying to please me.

“Get me a glass of water.” “Yes Sir”
“Load and bring me a bong” “Yes Sir”
“Get me a shot of fire whiskey” “Yes Sir”

Finally she stops in front of me with the whiskey in her hand, holding it out to me. Swaying a little from the alcohol she drank earlier. I smile as I look up at her from my comfy bed. Her hair is dangling around her face and she is trying to smile. I can see up her skirt.

I again make strong commands.

“Turn around, lift up your skirt, show me your ass!”


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