Bumble Bee – Part 2

Erotica - The Bumble Bee

As I began to allow my hands to explore beneath her skirt I realized that her panties were made of metal. I could slide my fingers just along the edge and feel the dampness seeping through from beneath the panties. Her eagerness pulled me to press my finger deeper into the creases between her and the panties. As if she wanted me to slide my fingers beneath the metal. She pressed her legs more and more open allowing for just a little more space for my fingers. Her thrusting hips pressed her clit on the panties and a little pressure from the outside threw her eyes upwards and her shoulders back. She let out an innocent sigh. We both worked hard to get my fingers through the sides of her panties but without satisfaction. Her juices oozed out the sides of the panties as if to give lubrication for my entrance. As she slid down the back of the couch her skirt pushed up and revealed the mystery under her skirt.

The fluff of her skirt fills her middle and I can see the steel panties that she wore. The lock dangles from the front as if to tempt my honesty. As I stand up and look down on her spread legs before me my eyes are lead up her healthy body to her innocent eyes. She calmed a little as if she was embarrassed by her arousal. I smiled gently upon her and said, “Where’s the key?” She looked down with a touch of guilt, sat up, arranged her skirt and looked at my eyes. She replied with “It’s only for the person who can keep me under control” Her body language began to speak shame and embarrassment. In the dead silence after her comment I begin to prepare a pipe with marijuana and grab a shot for both of us. I shoot mine down and hand her one. She reaches for the cup and says “Did you dose this or something?” I replied with “I can see your struggling with trust. You don’t have to drink it, I will.” I reach for the shot and she quickly drinks the shot, wipes her lips with her hand and then looks up at me with watery eyes. Her smile peeks out as she looks up at me with the shot glass in hand. I smile back and reach for the glass with a sense of suspicion.

I start the pipe with one toke, hold it, blow the smoke in her face while standing above her. I calmly state “With each toke we tell a secret. I want to taste your juices.” She sighs a little and looks down in embarrassment. I hold the pipe out as if to hand it to her. She looks at it, stares at it, and then takes it. “I want you to taste me.” She tokes the pipe and reaches out to hand it back to me with a grin of satisfaction, as if she had met my level of secret revealing with an equal cop out. ” As I take the pipe back she is still smiling up at me as if to say “So now what are you going to do?” But there was nothing but silence. I take a toke, she is still staring up at me – I look down and blow it in her face and she turns away to breathe. I say in a calm controlled powerful voice “I am aroused when I spank naughty women.” Her eyes look down at the floor and she slowly turns towards me and looks from the top of her eyes. Her face is bright red and she can’t keep her body from fidgeting. She begins to play with her pony tail to one side staring at the piece she is playing with. I smirk at her and hand her the pipe. She begins to spin her hair faster and faster. Her eyes leave her hair, to the pipe, to the hair, and then back to the pipe. I held it still just in front of my bulging crotch. I raise my eyebrows, smirk and wave it in front of her slowly. She sighs and takes the pipe. She holds the pipe and lighter with both hands and wavers a little as she scoots to the edge of the couch. Now her face is closer to my crotch. I raise an eyebrow but hold my ground. I don’t budge an inch but simply hold her eyes with mine. She doesn’t look away and I wait for her next move.


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