Th Bumble Bee Part One

Erotica - The Bumble Bee

I stand tall in my tuxedo, hot pink comberbun and bowtie. My top hat sits upon my head and my beard itches against my skin. I can see her staring at me with those innocent eyes and looking down in shame each time I catch her. I begin to smile in knowing I will catch her again. Her smile is cute and innocent and I wonder if her innocent face would match her soul. I decide to approach her with my grandest elegant ways. I use my cane to exaggerate my steps and sit like a gentleman at her side. My outfit was certainly overdressed for this smokey club with pumped in dance music and alcohol at your fingertips. Her outfit was adorable with black and yellow striped socks and a cute little black and yellow skirt. The skirt had the lacy push up effect from the 50’s but held a strong black and yellow plaid pattern. Her top was a tight yellow tank top with black edging with the cutest little sunflower on the front. Her long straight black hair looked as if it was perfectly separated into two pig tails with bright yellow bows. Her eyes were a deep brown and her skin was like light caramel. Her adorably innocent smile turned to social tension as I leaned down to get eye contact as I greeted her. My androgynous voice reached for her ears through the piercing dance music in the club. I leaned into her and said, “I bet your as sweet as a bumble bee’s honey in that outfit!” She laughed and her cheeks turned bright red as she looked down into her lap. She laid her fingers across her pink lips as if to restrain her come back. I winked and smiled at her. I reached to grab her chin to pull her head from looking down and she leaned into me with a touch of awkwardness. She whispered in my ear “Wanna taste?” I laughed a good strong belly laugh and banged the cane on the floor beneath my feet. I leaned back in the chair to consider what she just said and held the cane in between my legs with my legs spread wide in a confident masculine elegant way.

I leaned down to catch her shy eyes again. Tipped my hat to her and said “Can I offer my fair lady a ride home?” She giggled with her hand in front of her mouth and whispered yes. I couldn’t hear what she said but I could read her lips. She agreed and took my arm out to my car. After helping her to the car in the most gentlemanly fashion as possible I knew I was going to have to have a conversation with this lady before I arrived at her home. I loaded my costumes into the back of the car and climbed into the front seat. I removed my top hat and set it in the back seat. As I started the car I looked over to her and said, “So how far do you live?” She answered back through a giggle and a shy eyes “Around the corner” and pointed in the direction to drive. I knew I was going to have to say this fast and direct. I placed my hand on the gear shift, looked her in the eyes and said, “You do know I am a Drag King….right?” She smiled with a glow in her eyes and said “Shhhh I don’t need to know.”

I jumped out of the car like an eager young Boi and raced over to open the car door for her. I quickly adjusted the harness in between my legs and figured I better grab my travel bag from the back. As I grabbed my bag, raced to keep up with her as she walked up the stairs in her apartment building. I followed behind her with an eagerness I was sure she could sense. I could see that the stockings went just over her knees. She had shiny panties on but I couldn’t get a good look without pulling up her skirt. Finally she stopped on the third floor and unlocked the door. I followed her into her apartment. She laid down her little shiny yellow bag, pulled out two shot glasses and offered me a shot of whiskey. I poured it down my throat and slammed the shot glass back on the table with a smile and a glow in my eyes. She quickly refilled it in a nervous manner.

I laughed and asked “Trying to get me drunk?”
She laughed and said “I just want you to be relaxed my kind sir.”
I smiled at her with kind eyes and said, “Well how about you help me out and give me a massage?” She looked at my shot so I quickly poured it down my throat. She reached out to grab my hand and lead me to her couch. She slid my jacket off and took off my tie. I removed my comberbum and began to untuck my shirt. She turned me around and began to unbutton it from the bottom. Even when she got to my chest she made no notice of my breasts pushing up from binder. She stared at the love tattoo. It simply says love in a green that resembles the green heart chakra. The word lingers over my heart chakra. As she unbuttons the last ones around my neck her nervous eyes meet my eyes. I want to lean to kiss her but she moves very quickly to push the shirt off my shoulders. She steps around the back of me and begins to apply lotion to my shoulders as she pushes me to sit on the couch. She spreads her legs around my shoulders as she squats on the top of the couch. She begins to rub my shoulders in a way that melts me. Her strong touch and ability to really move my muscles helped me relax all over. She began to rub my shaved head in her hands and allowed me to lean into her. I could feel a warmth at the back of my neck but a cool feel right in the center. It almost felt like metal. I really want to check out the shiny panties and was excited by the warmth on the tops of my shoulders. I pushed my naked neck back further into her crotch and could feel the warmth and moisture all around my neck. I could smell her sweet juices as I got closer and was overwhelmed with watering of my mouth at the thought of her tastes. I noticed a hard cold metal at my neck, there was no mistaking it now. I leaned up and turned around. I looked into her eyes and began to run my fingers from her tall socks around her knees, up into her thighs and under her short fluffy skirt. She reached down and stopped me by holding my wrists.

I could feel the warmth at my finger tips and her eagerness to let me go. She was eager and wanted me to touch her. I looked in her eyes, she had something to tell me. I said, “What is it? Tell me. Show me.” She lifted her skirt.


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