Valentines for a Polyamorous Lesbian Couple

We don’t traditionally make a big deal about holidays because of their impact on the community at large but we do acknowledge the day, sometimes more than other times. Neither of us hold up expectations of each other for the holidays. When I say holidays I mean birthdays, Valentines, Christmas, and anniversaries. We are often caught saying things like “We don’t need a holiday to remind us to appreciate each other.” That makes sense for us and it works in our relationship.

We have an open relationship & we are polyamorous its  been this way since we got together  8 years ago. We are happy this way, just the two of us. Occasionally we date others, we prefer to date as a couple rather than as singles…but sometimes it must start with just one of us. We dream of a well suited third.

Together we have been building this Drag King aka Izzy Ahee. Although he is a character I play he is not ME, Hollis Taylor. He is a creative expression for my masculinity. Together Arial and I have been buying clothes for him and generally building the performer now known in the Central PA area drag scene as, Izzy Ahee.

We are both in love with Izzy and really he is very much in love with both of us. Thank you to the universe for the delivery of our perfect third. Its really funny and silly, but really it works for us right now. Izzy is a creative outlet for us both with plenty of room for input from both of  us. We counter each others weaknesses and strengths so well it feels like we been at this for years.

So what do we do around Valentines – we prepare a song where Izzy can pass Valentines to everyone. Have a long weekend before the holiday with a hotel and all, sponsored by Izzy Ahee. We hang out with our friends and enjoy mutual friends, together. We talk, we create, we love each other – quality time.  Izzy sings a romantic song to Arial and impresses Hollis with his ability to carry a good message of Love for all. Then the week is a little thrown off due to some snow and we enjoy a day together, as Hollis and Arial. Then the weekend after its more time with Izzy, welcomed by both of us.  Once again meeting new people, spending time with friends, and enjoying our hard work for the last month come to life in Izzy Ahee.

So here we are totally loving each other and appreciating what we have today. We are truly enjoying our ride and loving the romance of it all. I hope all of you also had a fantastic Valentines either with yourself or your lover, or however you chose to ignore or celebrate the holiday.  Love to all of you! Give Love!



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