Butch Yogini

I ran across an article titled “What is a yogi?” I had just contemplated that question just a few days ago but was curious as to how this author would describe their experience. My first thoughts were that me and this author lived in a very similar way. It felt like I was reading something that I had written myself. Very few things were different for me. The only details that didn’t match were silly things like music choices and I don’t wear short skirts and heels. Interestingly though this article called herself a “yogi” but in actuality she failed to touch the difference between “yogi” & “yogini”. Interestingly I often discover this to be true. But I like the word yogini because it helps us understand the person’s energy more completely.

I have been recently debating on if I switch between the two or if I am more one then the other….I think I have concluded that I am a butch yogini. When I do yoga I feel a strong pull to my center and I feel the connection between body, mind, and soul. Although there are certainly more masculine traits, I still feel the feminine running through me. I am expressing myself using masculinity as an avenue, but mostly because I don’t like gender. I think gender is just unneeded and unnecessary….it is only another way to separate us. I came to that conclusion while doing yoga, long ago. But still I like yogini because yoga seems a way to my femininity, which I often struggle to reach on my own. But still I am rather butch about it…..and even yogi about it. Interestingly as I began to look deeper into the yoga world I found that most well known yoga practitioners are actually female.

There was one man that identifies himself as a yogi and his wife identifies as a yogini. I was immediately drawn into their music and events as soon as I seen them. I am really excited to attend one of their events in Denver, CO at some point in my near future. MC Yogi first pulled me in with his music, particularly his song “Be the Change” which is a rap that tells Mahatma Ghandi’s story:

Then I discovered several other songs that either told stories or spread a message I could fully support. I was impressed with this man as much as I was impressed with another star, KD Lang. When I seen his pictures I almost laughed because we dress similar but in our own styles, which I totally love. He likes to do things with his partner and they do yoga together, and in that I felt I could certainly respect this couple with a fullness that I didn’t expect. Someday I will get to attend a gathering and at least be further influenced by their awesomeness.

But since I do look and share tons of traits with MC Yogi, I still am very aware of how Yoga awakens my feminine deep within and therefore I continue to stay in touch with it, out of personal choice. Therefore I think the best way to describe myself would certainly be a butch yogini. I believe I have even met a few other butch yoginis in passing and wish we could all gather around and discuss this whole yoga energy thing. For now, although I may look like a Yogi – I am a Yogini and proud to have found a direct path to my feminine side.


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