The Shutdown

There are millions of theories, ideas, discussions, and thoughts about this government shutdown. I am very emotionally removed from the process. I heard about its approach – I just accepted it as fact – we all do know that our current situation is impermanent right? Change is the only constant. I don’t like the government, so if it shuts down and goes away it might just be the best dam thing that has happened to our culture. But it would require a real awakening among the human conscious. Awakenings are always different, for individuals and groups. The process in itself can sometimes be dramatic like tornadoes and then other times its  as gentle as a breeze on a summer day. Are we totally sure it hasn’t happened yet? Maybe many of us are awakened, maybe all those tornadoes were the awakenings of our fellow citizens.  I have no idea and I will have no way of knowing unless I reach out and show my own inner compassion and love. 

The ones in those positions of power are completely unattached to their inner selves, power has corrupted their inner being. Look at their faces, their eyes, they are in such suffering. Look at photos of President Obama before he won the election for President the first time. Before that his heart was mostly in a place of love and compassion and then he was granted with a position that spoke of one of the largest of powerful positions, after just 24 hours he emerged. His eyes said something else. His heart was moving and the pressure of whatever he received in just 24 hours weighed so heavily on his soul you could watch him detaching from his inner self as he celebrated his new power. Its in his eyes, his voice, his gaze. Look at it for yourself.  Look at the videos, its clear to most of us. Maybe that power wasn’t as sweet as they first thought and now, somehow they have lost touch with their inner selves. It seems they were a fool to underestimate the power of that position. Its not just Obama, its all of them, watch their faces as they climb the power ladder. Power can rape you of yourself. Then they hurt those they have power over because no one has taught them how to reconnect with their inner selves. They have no idea how to get back in touch with love & compassion, not only for others but most importantly for themselves. Losing love for yourself and your fellow person is a tremendous loss and I know the suffering it brings. It can truly ruin anything good and put a dark cloud that seems like its inescapable. I am so grateful I am not burdened with that position of power – it would surely bring me back to that place. Losing love & compassion is a true tragedy. Look at our leaders they are so lost. So much so they finally took a break – I hope some of them can find resolution in this. Maybe they need to walk around their towns, talk to people, shake peoples hands and wear nothing but a cloth while doing it. Maybe they should be cooking for the poor. Serving the sick. Hugging the gangstas. Listening to the broken. 

The upper class and the upper middle class. Their world is so cluttered with decorations, status, stuff, and the next best thing they have lost touch with their families, love, but most of all ….. themselves. They have bought and bought and spent and spent to make themselves and their families happy but have found nothing but emptiness. Still some of them still spend and spend, still they are missing the value of their families and loved ones. Instead strip to nothing, wrap a plain cloth around you and sit among the earth. Let all of you talk until things grow silent. Finally when all has been said, enjoy each others presence. Hold each others hands, Then show love and compassion for each other, embrace your difference, and then celebrate life together.  I would love to hear about your families FREE LOVE experience, I know it won’t cost you a single penny. The only thing that is truly of value in this world is your time, you can’t get it back, no matter what you do. 

Those of you that join me down here in the lower middle and lower class of our current American culture – we are separated. Some of us reach for the power or maybe its the stuff… for some its both. Some of us smile as we watch people waste their most valuable asset, time, trying to get as far as they can, so they can have more stuff and more power.  We know there is very little good about the pursuit of more stuff and power – we can see where it takes you. There is very little happy inside those people. We instead choose to live our lives as they are today. We might choose to change things but inside we know that more stuff will simply lead us to emptiness and power can simply rape ourselves of ourselves. We embrace our world, as it is. We have what we need, we share when we can, and we work on improving our inner landscape. We heal from our pains, We reach out, we love, we forgive, we choose, we are intentional, we are awake, we embrace, we celebrate, we smile, we dance, we love completely, we are compassion… we accept impermanence. 

Then there is the openly broken. We see their pain, they suffer in front of us. They poison their bodies. They take the pain of the world on their shoulders. Look at those shamans, they are suffering for all of us. So much so they must drown it in alcohol, drugs, food, sex, and suffering in itself.  They are so lost, the no longer heal they are a burden. So broken they burden the system with their addictions. They get sick, they are killing themselves, slowly. Because we have failed to show them we love them. We haven’t shown compassion, we lost love. We no longer embrace the suffering ones, we throw them away. We want to dispose of our suffering when in actuality we should embrace it, love it, heal it, and then learn from it. Show compassion, show love, embrace them, love them. If we all bring our love onto the suffering our Shamans will re-emerge from their suffering as wise peaceful leaders. Keep loving them, but don’t let them hurt you. Simply love them and try to help them as much as  you can, without hurting yourself. Be careful, greed comes into play here. But if your careful to explore your true needs in meditation this will become clear. You know what you NEED and you know that they just NEED someone to love them. You don’t need to CARE TAKE them, just LOVE them. Choose, intentionally, how you help. There is a balance.  Enable is different than compassion, figure out the difference. 

I have no idea what will come of this shutdown or how it will end or where it will lead. I reach out here and now and share my love and compassion for all of you out there. We are all suffering, we are all on different journeys. There is no judgement here it simply is the way it is. Some of us are born with all the power and things that others think they want, but in the end its not what they want. We all want the same thing…. Love & Peace. Everyone’s journey is different, reach across for the hand of your so called “enemy” reach out for the “outcasts” and reach out and show compassion for those that are so lost. Love each other, join together! Together we can help a bully, the government, come back to their inner selves. We have all learned that a bully is simply broken inside, compassion will soften their hardened heart. Keep trying, keep coming back to this place, no matter what… Eventually it will become habit. Then you find yourself awake, alive and loved.  Reach out, hold hands, show compassion, share love. This way we can all come together in Love, Peace and Harmony!

Come together to find our true selves
Come together to find our true selves

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