Feminism in Drag

Feminism for me is simply knowing and recognizing the power that women hold in their souls and knowing that is is not only being supressed but also compared to the masculine soul. There is no comparison. You cannot compare the two except on a purely physical plane. You cannot compare the souls, the abilities, or ideas. You cannot compare gender because it shouldn’t even exist. Why are we comparing ourselves to each other. We need to instead reach out to understand each other. This will lead to a sense of teamwork rather than opposition among the different sexes. It would remove the need to define homosexuality or even worry about transgender’s rights. If gender didn’t exist it wouldn’t matter if a little male child wore a pink shiny dress or if a little female child was constantly covered in dirt. Just keep imaging that world…

Now think about Drag. That’s what Drag does. We create a world in which what is between your legs is likely the opposite of that in which most would expect. We push the boundaries of gender… the gender benders. We are the jesters of gender.

Funny thing about me being a male impersonator, I have no desire to be a man! None, simply put I don’t want to be a man because I don’t know any I would like to be like. My masculinity is grounded in nobility, romance, emotional & sexual strength… but those can exist because I allow myself to embrace my femme side including motherhood, healing, and the pursuit of peaceful enlightenment. I like to summon those parts of those men. I like to summon George Michael’s sexiness, the classiness of the Masochism Tango, and the playfulness of the Jackson 5.

I am changing. I am in an evolutionary time of my life and the other day I glanced at a photo of myself with my snake. I was showing children the snake and educating about it. My feminist tattoo is showing front & center, my wife pointed it out to me the other day. I thought to myself… you are what you make yourself to be. You can be what you want to be.

I always get my tattoos with intent. I got this one to summon the feeling female empowerment after 15 years in a marriage of female oppression. What you don’t see is on the other arm I got a tattoo to honor my father. I FINALLY after many years after his death decided how I wanted this very honorable man displayed on my body as a memorial. Nothing had been good enough until I realized I wanted it to be simple. My amazing partner designed me a tat that was simply his name and a music symbol. Because he taught me my appreciation for music. I listened to him play guitar for hours, it is the best memories I have as a child.

Now I am a Drag King. I want to make you forget that I have a vagina! I want to fool you! This way to push your boundaries regarding gender. That’s feminism in my world. That’s active feminism. You must love music in drag because in order to do a performance with a song you better be able to listen to a song over and over again. I guess I summoned this on myself! Ohhh I love when I do this stuff!


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