Gardens and Fairies for the Modern Butch

I am always annoyed when men and butches of all sorts reject flowers and fairies. I always wonder how growing beautiful things takes away from someone’s masculinity. Why would romance, flowers, and fairies make you less masculine. I do a lot of rather masculine tasks to make it work. Digging holes, building decorations, and general gardening is physical work and takes a tough person to create. Its not for the faint of heart at all. Nothing in nature is for those faint of heart. I also honor romance in my relationship with my futch wife whom appreciates a nice dinner in the garden. Intimacy is easily found among the fairies and flowers. I create the space and she enjoys having her own input.

I personally think a connection to nature makes us a whole person and has nothing to do with gender or the expression of it. Certainly when I grow vegetables no one really questions my masculinity but once I begin to show off my fairie garden with flowers and fairie furniture they wonder where my masculinity disappears to. I feel like its just who I am and fairie gardening is more of a spiritual attachment to nature that I enjoy. I am not religious but find spirituality among growing things and setting up my yard for certain situations, emotions, and themes. This helps me and I know many others appreciate the space.

Romantic Fairie Gardens

I knew I had succeeded on creating a safe space for queers when I was showing off a bit of the flowers to be planted to a fellow butch friend. I informed her of my intention with these fuchsia and she was as ecstatic as I was with the idea of the beauties blooming in the garden. Flowers bring pollinators and that’s the practical application but they also bring joy and smiles. Even butches smile…

Fuchsia Flower
Growing beauty left to the femmes, I think not!

I am enjoying my abandonment of gender roles and appreciating my ability to make beautiful, organic, creative, permaculture garden deep in this urban setting. It takes a strong butch to grow flowers!


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